Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging devices are used to measure the presence of heat in a certain area. Benjamin Electric uses cutting edge thermal imaging technology to aid in electrical inspections, to detect potential equipment/ mechanical failures and to perform energy audits on your house. An energy audit will help you determine insulation deficiencies, air infiltration, water damage and/or other areas of concern in your home.

The Infrared Camera can view all energy sources throughout a home or commercial property in a non-invasive method allowing you to see problem areas immediately.  The thermal infrared image can be used to:

    • Pinpoint air leakage due to missing insulation
    • Spot potential equipment failures before they happen
       with systems such as HVAC and boilers    
    • Locate potential fire hazards

What we provide with an audit:

   • Immediate results
    • A written report stating problems areas
    • Suggestions for potential repair needs
    • A tool used for preventative measures to save time & money
Thermal Image
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