Standby Generator Systems

Certified Installers & Vendors for Generac

Eliminating lengthy power outages is a top priority. While no one can prevent a power outage, the team at Benjamin Electric can provide a solid contingency plan to eliminate long and expensive outages. By installing an automatic standby generator system you can protect your family and home from damaging & dangerous power outages.

What comes with your generator installation:

     • Delivery of generator to your home
     • Installation of a base with stone pad for generator placement
     • Connection to your home electrical panel
     • Automatic transfer switch
     • Installation of one service outlet for servicing of generator
     • Battery
     • Installation of control wiring

Prior to leaving our team will fully review operation of the generator system.

Annual Maintenance:
Our team can provide annual maintenance of your generator to keep it running efficiently.  To schedule an appointment please give us a call. 

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